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The Ultimate Road Maintenance solution.
Kinta 130HP Tractor equipped with both a mid-mounted grader and a vibratory compactor offers the most comprehensive solution for all your road maintenance. Truly an all in 1 solutions to road maintenance



Engine Power HP(kW): 130
Max Torque (Nm): 498Nm @ 1800rpm
Rated Engine Speed: 2200
No. of Cylinders: 6
Capacity (cc): 7700
Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated


Type: Shuttle Shift
Speed: 16 Forward 8 Reverse


Type: Two speed live PTO
Speed: 540@1000rpm


3-Point Linkage Control: Draft Position and floating control
Auxiliary (litres/min): 52

Brakes & Steering

Brake Type: Oil Immersed & Air over hydraulic power disc brake
Steering Type: Hydrostatic

Spool Valves

Auxiliary: 2 valves

Tyre Size

Rear Tyres:

18.4 - 38

Front Tyres:

14.9 - 26

Dimension & Weight

Width (mm): 2345
Height (mm): 2995
Length (mm): 5060
Wheelbase (mm): 2657
Weight with Ballast (kg): 7000 (with MMG)
Weight without Ballast (kg): 5485


Fuel (litres): 240


Kinta SB40 Feature 1 Engine
Our British Designed 100 HP engine provides provide high levels of power and torque, which allows them to perform a variety of heavy-duty tasks. Our robust engine, coupled with advanced transmission technology, ensures seamless power delivery and optimal efficiency. Experience enhanced productivity as you effortlessly navigate through challenging terrains, taking on steep inclines and challenging obstacles with confidence.
Kinta SB40 Feature 2 Clutch
Our Heavy-duty clutches are designed to withstand more wear and tear than standard clutches. JPV Clutches also handles more power and torque than standard clutches
Kinta SB40 Feature 3 Front Axle
Heavy-duty front axles can handle more weight, carry heavier loads without experiencing mechanical failures or safety issues. Our front axle is designed to withstand more wear and tear, which can increase the lifespan of the tractor and reduce maintenance costs.
Kinta SB40 Feature 4 Gearbox
Heavy-duty transmission gearboxes are designed to deliver more power and torque, which can be crucial for heavy-duty applications such as construction, and agriculture. our 16 x 8 transmission also offer more control over gear shifting, allowing for smoother and more precise operations.

Built and Designed for you

By listening to customers’ feedback and understanding their needs, we have spent many years perfecting our tractors to suit local working conditions. Since the introduction of Kinta tractor, we have carried out countless design changes to the tractors to make it more heavy duty and suitable for the jobs required in our region.
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The Ultimate Road Maintenance solution.


Comes with Mid Mounted Grader and Vibratory Compactor
Versatility: The tractor with a mid-mounted grader and a vibratory compactor provides exceptional versatility.
Increased Productivity: The combination of the mid-mounted grader and vibratory compactor on a tractor significantly increases productivity.
Cost Savings: The combination of the mid-mounted grader and vibratory compactor on a tractor reduces the need for separate machines, resulting in cost savings in terms of equipment investment, maintenance, and operational expenses.