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Small Size, Unlimited potential
Kinta SB27, the perfect combination of power and agility for a variety of tasks. With its compact design and robust performance, this versatile machine is engineered to exceed your expectations in the field, garden, or any outdoor project. Designed with maneuverability in mind, our Kinta SB27 is exceptionally agile, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and tricky terrain effortlessly.



Engine Power HP(kW): 27
Max Torque (Nm): 83Nm @2200rpm
No. of Cylinders: 3
Capacity (cc): 1318
Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated


Type: Fully Constant Mesh
Speed: 9 Forward 3 Reverse


Type: Independent
Speed: 540@2500rpm


3-Point Linkage Control: Smart Auto Draft Sensing and Depth Control (2 Lever)
Lift Capacity (max): 750kg

Brakes & Steering

Brake Type: Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
Steering Type: Hydrostatic

Tyre Size

Rear Tyres:

Wider F-Agri Tyres280/70R18Floatation33 x 15.5 - 16-5

Front Tyres:

Wider F-Agri Tyres23 x 8.5 - 12Floatation23 x 8.5 - 12

Dimension & Weight

Width (mm): 1167-1483
Height (mm): 1450
Length (mm): 2690
Wheelbase (mm): 1490
Weight without Ballast (kg): 916-980


Kinta SB27 Feature 1 Engine
Stage III Mitsubishi 3 cylinder engine is a perfect choice for tractor as it has balance of power as it provide ample power and performance for various small to medium-sized applications.
fuel efficient black stamp on white background. Sign, label, sti
Kinta SB27 with Mitsubishi engines are known for their fuel efficiency where it offers good fuel economy compared to other engines in its class.
Kinta SB27 Feature 3 Comfort
Ergonomic Seating, spacious Footboard Area together with Gears Lever on the side, Kinta SB27 provides extra comfort for the operator to reduce fatigue even after long working days.
Kinta SB27 Feature 4 Design
Premium Italian designed Lion Face front bonnet, offers extra visibility during operation even in low lighting conditions. The Front Bonnet can be opened fully from the front to ensure easy maintenance.

Built and Designed for you

By listening to customers’ feedback and understanding their needs, we have spent many years perfecting our tractors to suit local working conditions. Since the introduction of Kinta tractor, we have carried out countless design changes to the tractors to make it more heavy duty and suitable for the jobs required in our region.
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Small Size, Unlimited potential


Reliable and efficient Mitsubishi diesel engine to provide the necessary power and efficiency for various tasks on the farm.
Cost-effective: Compared to larger and more powerful tractors, Kinta SB27 is more affordable, both in terms of the initial purchase cost and ongoing operating expenses.
Reduced Soil Compaction: Kinta SB27 exert less pressure on the ground, resulting in reduced soil compaction.